Illegal Immigrants not Working, but Stealing!

When Immigrants come to the USA from Mexico, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East. It was to work hard make money for their family. Now it has change they are becoming thieves, rapists, killers the true scum of the world.
When in the late 70′s and 80′s we had the cream of the crop come; we now have the scum of the world coming to the USA. What we allow to come in to the USA should ultimately be stopped! Now before it is too late; with what is coming in we have to stop and the scum that is here we should remove from our borders. The USA would be better off with out them, and not allow them back in.
We as a nation are in dire straits with the world’s trash being dumped on us. Barack Obama please change the immigration reform not to just allow anyone that wants to come here. It just is not right. Local to my area in Moosic. Pa area a man went to a birthday party where he broke in and raped a girl, and he was an Illegal. I can get articles of illegals stealing in the new today was a Ukraine family of thieves. And I can keep going for hours of Identity thieves, credit card. It just does not stop.

Please stop the SCUM from coming here. Contact you local representative and lets remove all of them now!

The Government Shutdown.

Well I want to speak about this, and I wonder if people realize what is really going on. I would like to break this down into TWO parts for the simplest of reasons.

First The Debt Ceiling (Debt Limit)
This really is the tragedy of the the American People losing their jobs; due the jobs leaving the country. The people get discouraged about themselves and the Nation with the jobs not being here for them to do. The Nation as a whole is allowing companies to leave make there profits and now the government is taxing those profits for the people. I truly think that they should of seen those taxes ahead of time so they would be discouraged to leave in the first place. Well the greedy gets what they deserve in my opinion. We need the jobs back! We would really need to change the way the world sees the United States as a joke and are making a mockery of the situation. We would not have to raise a thing and we would of been paying this debt back some by now.

We really need to go back to a time where we as a Nation were not dependent on the Social Security so early in life. What do you think will happen when the jobs disappear to a point where most of the Nation is on Social Security of one type or the other. The people will not be able to recover our world is already crumbling down. Please think ahead with a brain attached next time, and not this your wallets people.

Second The Shut Down Well this is like a temper tantrum from children then a real voice of the people. Just cause you do not like a bill you shut the country down. Yes this how I feel the world is not a place where you can use your dislikes to hold the country in a headlock waiting for it to give up. We will be better off with no health care then this headache. What a joke! We have people in elected positions grand standing that they are right what is this in there eyes; a good thing for the Nation to go through; they are simply crazy and if these people are reelected then we get what we deserve.

Solutions Bring back all of our solders NOW!!! Release solders from services that are not needed. Stay out of other countries wars, and choose our battles better. If a company on our soil is making a killing on products that manufactured by other countries increase the import tax. And  business get special tax for the right to leave our Nation to have our jobs disappear. Let create a clear message if you take the jobs away then the right to tax it is implied. The tax should be of a significant to create clear message and picture if you do this the taxes will be high enough that is will be like working on your own countries soil.

Please bring back our solders the families really miss them. I have four children in the armed forces. And now I have grandchildren in the armed forces. I am truly proud of them, but not in our nation. I don’t respect what this Nation is doing to the people. I hope it changes soon. I love the USA please listen to people and not to the bill fold in your pockets. It is not a better place people that were coming to the USA illegally are using it for passage to Canada. I think that alone should be a wakeup call!!!

Technology Slipping Away

Technology in the United States is really growing we are the top of our game. We as a nation are creating new vital technology at an astounding rate. We have new gadgets and devices streaming out of our ears. My friend is a technology nut he comes up with new inventions almost daily. When he decides to make the devices he does so with his own company he does not outsource.

So when a company creates  something new and they wonder why it is being cloned, or recreated. They only have themselves to blame for the lost of there ideas when they decide to outsource. We are coming up with ideas and the outsourcing places are stealing the technology to make the device, or equipment to make profit for themselves. We lose money and profits and technology every time we outsource. What is wrong with us to do this and undermine our country, and ourselves.

Everyone is crying oh I lost my invention; oh no someone else is using my plans to make this or that. I  need to sue this one or that one for theft.  Well you have to know and many companies are learning this the hard way. They lose there IP (Intellectual Property) daily and they just are lost for words. To better protect your inventions keep them with you learn to make them where you are. I know of about 40 companies that make assembly in the USA and they are asking for the work and yet the work goes out of the country. I have a example device that A friend had created through one such place and his IP is still his and they still are making it, but he does not have to worry about theft of the technology and cloning. And the prices are very reasonable for start was a killer, but now not bad at all.

The price to to start to make it was $35.00 a unit now the price dropped to $5.20 or less, and this is right here in the USA. Do Not under mind yourself make it here. This has been a message from United We Are Strong Campaign by  make a better America.

The World That We Live In.

We live in a world that we are free. And with the ability to make anything and do anything. The only thing that we can not do is live in our own shoes. What I mean is that we do not live our own lives. What you say? Well here goes the reason for what I am talking about. We live yes, but with help whether it be friend , family, or government. We get help and most times seek help, or approval. We need to do for ourselves; take charge in the things we do and need from now on. Lets make the USA the best, cause we are not the best right now. Please start bringing the jobs back here now!

In the future we will not have the areas in Malaysia, and foreign area to produce our produces. I believe that the areas in Asia will be at war and we as a USA needs to let them do there battle on the sideline. The UN using China to try to stop the hostilities of North Korea is a joke. We should stop the practice drills yes, but bringing them back to the way is was is over. We should end this now and close imports and exports to an allies of the Asia hell we brought on ourselves. Lets be as one and unite in the common good for the USA for once.

 We are the USA

Where are they when we need help.

When we are injured or hurt where are the countries that we help. Well if you view the cases in the past you will see we usually don’t get help. If we do it is not what we give to others. We live in a world a tick for a tac, and I guess to ask where is the same help back to us is not ever really going to be answered. Lets just do something that should of been done a long time ago. Lets recall All troops no matter where they are. And close all importing and exporting to all other countries period no exceptions. Then began closing all communications to any and all other countries and make a notice to all that try to make war with us; we will use what ever means necessary to defend ourselves. And we should say this that as of right now being that China, Japan are helping  a country that is threating our very lives. Make a note to them to declare that any financial or any other contracts with them is null and void. Lets make our country come back, and stop depending on others to make our goods. Lets reclaim all the land that we have and have all the other countries remove there peoples from our lands.

If want to become a real nation self sustaining  lets actually do it please make a point to make companies stay here. And if the borders get closed we will have to make the jobs that left come back. All the people need a country to live in again and allowing our jobs to go in all these different directions is a sin against the American way of LIFE.

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